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 Applied Karate
D. Hazard & A. Trimble


I first bought Applied Karate Volume One, when it was first released on VHS many years ago, and was mesmerised at the skill and abilities of both Sensei Hazard and Sensei Trimble. Then I heard the volume was coming out on DVD, and I just had to buy it, only to learn they had made a further two volumes. I was so excited.

Having trained under both instructors, you can see exactly how amazing they are. Being able to still-freeze them in action however demonstrates the fact their technique is so clean and precise.

When I received the next two volumes I was like a kid in a sweet shop. What accompanied this excitement however was a sad, somewhat depressing realisation that I’m never going to be as good as them.

Volume One contains the kihon, basic application, free-flow, and self-defence application of oi-tsuki, gyaku-tsuki, kizami-tsuki, age-uke, soto-uke, gedan-barai, mae-geri, yoko-geri-kekomi and mawashi-geri. It also briefly mentions breathing and kiai. This volume is the oldest of the three, and both Sensei are in supreme form. You can see the damage they are causing to the attackers, and it demonstrates exactly what your karate can do, if you make it work.

Volume Two sees the two come back years later and, guess what? Their technique is even better. Dave Hazard’s kicking ability on ura and ushiro mawashi geri is just awe inspiring, while Aidan Trimble’s sharp body shifting on the empi uchi’s highlights how nimble and fast he is! Very inspiring! This volume includes: shuto-uke, nagashi-uke, uchi-uke, empis, open hand strikes, uraken, yokogeri keage, ura and ushiro mawashi geri and ushiro-geri.

Volume Three then deals with kumite. Here you can see the fighting spirit of two of the most important Karate-Ka in Britain, in all their glory, and the power these men can create is quite frightening.

These volumes are beautifully directed by Simon Oliver, and show the utter professionalism and perfectionist approach these men make to their Karate. As an added something special, you also get an interview with the instructors, and a show reel of Sensei Trimble in action. He was clearly a superb fighter, and these volumes make you fully understand why they truly are Karate treasures.

Gareth Lewis

Date: 17/07/06

To purchase this Fantastic DVD series, please visit www.legendtv.co.uk