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Black Belt Karate The Intensive Course
H. Kanazawa

Kanazawa Sensei, possibly the most famous karate instructor teaching today, and this is his new book geared towards black belt karate.

Although quite similar to Dynamic Karate in its layout and content, it’s particularly useful in its information concerning the breathing of Karate.

Demonstrated mostly by Kanazawa himself, this book is beautifully set out, and wonderfully photographed. The writing and photographs are easy to follow, while also providing some very interesting points, not just about the techniques themselves, but also about ways to develop and train such techniques.

Littered throughout the book are some fantastic photographs of Kanazawa in his earlier days, and especially nice are those of Kanazawa and Enoeda in kumite.

What is also inspiring about the book are the board-breaking photographs of Kanazawa Sensei quite recently, which really makes you realise the skill and brilliance of this man even into his mid seventies.

There’s little in the book about kata, but that wasn’t necessarily the purpose of the book, though there is an excellent section dedicated to the nunchuku, a weapon Kanazawa Sensei is quite skilled in.

This book is great, and I’m sure much can be taken away from it, while the section dedicated to the Nunchuku will give you a small taste if you’re interested in learning a little more about weaponry training.

Well worth the money!

Katherine Claremont

Date: 10/05/06