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Bob Poynton Profile 

Bob Poynton, born in July 1949, began Karate in 1965. The age requirement to start karate however was sixteen, so as a fifteen year old, like many he lied about his age just to be able to train. I bet so manyy people are glad that he told that little white lie, as since he has become one of the most important figures in British Karate. With an obsession with karate had started brewing since watchin ‘odd job’ in the famous James Bond move Goldfinger, but when he the day he started training finally came who was taking the class? No other than Champion of Japan and a world famous 5th Dan by the name of Hirokazu Kanazawa.

After gainin his shodan three years later in 1968, he decided to pursue a future in karate, becoming a full time assistant instructor to Andy Sherry, one of the senior instructors of the KUGB - Karate Union of Great Britain. Money was low in many of the schools they would visit so a life style of hitchiking commensed and was a wonderful apprenteship into the world of karate teaching for Poynton.

Afer  a decision to dedicate himself to karate and many hitchike's later, he decided to gain his first experience with competition in the 1968 IAKF European Championships in Austria .In the years 1968-1985 he represented Great Britain in the KUGB team, and also in the all styles team. In 1976 he was the KUGB National Individual Kumite Champion, and the Shotokan Cup Grand Champion on three years in a row, no small feat by any measure.

On the tatami, his kicks were his speciality, and his gained a fantastic reputation for his kizami mae geri, which deflated many an opponent. Unfortunately, in the 1974 European Championships, he broke his shine bone on an opponents arm, a repeated injury which returned for the KUGB championships the following year. 

With an increased involvement in the administration side of things, he was appointed Affiliations Officer in 1974, a position he still holds today. He has also been very active in generating funding for the KUGB and charity appeals.

Bob Poynton is an incredibly loyal supporter of the KUGB, and works hard to ensure the KUGB keeps its position as the biggest and most powerful organisation in Great Britain and British Karate owe's a great deal to this inpirtational karate.