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Paul Herbert 5th Dan
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‘Deadly Karate Blows – The Medical Implications’ by Brian Adams is a book that, as the title suggests, looks at the medical implications of a successfully landed karate technique.


If you are looking for a book that teaches you how to deliver karate techniques, then this book is not for you. However, if you are interested in learning a little more about the potential outcomes of your karate techniques then this should be right up your alley.


Therefore, you’ll see that this is a book not intended for the beginner student, but an advanced student who wants to get a deeper understanding of what will happen if you hit someone really really hard.


The book is broken down into the location of a certain delivered technique, to which Adams then goes on to provide the possible outcomes of landing that technique to that specific point.


For example, one chapter looks at a punch to the bladder. Through a series of action shots and medical diagrams, Adams then goes on to illustrate the five main possible outcomes, variables existing because of timing, angle and amount of power. 


The book looks at the following:


  1. Striking the forehead
  2. Striking the ears
  3. Striking the temple
  4. Striking the eye
  5. Striking the bridge of the nose
  6. Striking the spot under the nose
  7. Striking the jaw
  8. Striking the throat
  9. Striking the back of the neck
  10. Striking the collar bone
  11. Striking the solar plexus
  12. Striking the side of the ribcage
  13. Striking the diaphragm
  14. Striking the spleen
  15. Striking the kidney
  16. Striking the elbow
  17. Striking the bladder
  18. Striking the groin
  19. Striking the spine
  20. Striking the thigh
  21. Striking the back of the knee
  22. Striking the front knee joint
  23. Striking the shin bone
  24. Striking the Achilles tendon
  25. Shock


As you can see, the book covers a wide and varied selection of targets and really does give the reader an eye opener into the possibilities of the techniques.


I must stress here that the purpose of this book from the point of view of Adams was not to provide information of how you could go around putting people in hospital. Instead, Adams wanted to provide this literature as a tool to make students truly aware of the potential danger these techniques pose.


Watching kung fu films on DVD or in the cinema almost glamorises the Martial Arts, and makes fighting look quite cool. Adams however has written a book that brings back together the harsh realisation that what we do in our lines in the dojo can actually badly hurt or in the extreme can kill.


During a moment of philosophical thinking, it occurred to me that this book in fact has the budo mentality at its heart. To understand the danger of our techniques, this leads to a grown respect for them, so when we train we are not thinking about tapping our opponent on the torso, but instead delivering a possibly lethal blow that could be protecting ourselves or our family. Through this respect of the techniques, your training from a mental point of view will change. Hopefully for the best.


If you want a book to sit and read then this will not do the job. However, this is a piece of material that you can come back to and reference time and again.


For this very reason, we at The Shotokan Way have enlisted the support and knowledge of Brian Adams to write material for us. All material he provides to TSW is original so please go out or get online and buy yourself a copy of this book.


Shaun Banfield