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Dynamic Karate
M. Nakayama

This is an excellent textbook for beginners and advanced Karate-ka alike, and clearly demonstrates a wide range of  Karate techniques that are practiced in Shotokan Karate. One of the best features of the book is that most of the photographs show Nakayama Sensei himself performing techniques.

Karate has certainly come a long way since the teachings of Funakoshi Sensei, and this book  demonstrates the JKA method of  examining and teaching Karate along scientific lines.

To accompany each section based on the foundations of Karate - Dachi, Tsuki, Uke, Uchi and Keri - comes a scientific study of each technique. Through this, Nakayama Sensei’s objective was to scientifically make Karate techniques more effective and better for our bodies. What makes this even easier to follow is the ‘Things to avoid’ section to each technique, providing greater guidance.

Dynamic Karate is easy to follow, and from my own experience, a book you’ll return to over and over again due to its extensive topic coverage. It deals with speed, balance, stability, the hips and many more topics. There are also lists of scientific data that could prove useful in your training and teaching.

The book is beautifully presented with black and white photographs, including some a the young H.Kanazawa being demonstrated upon by Master Nakayama. The book, through its use of both photograph and text, clearly and coherently analyses all of the karate techniques.

Apart from the obvious educational significance of this book, there are some wonderful photographs of Karate greats such as Nishiyama, Kanazawa, Shirai, Asai and Ueki in action. Also included are photographs showing a  duel between Enoeda Sensei and Shirai Sensei on a rock near the sea.

This book  is a must for all Karate-Ka in my opinion, and will serve as a lifelong aid in your study of  Shotokan Karate.

Mark Thompson

Date: 7/01/06