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Paul Herbert 5th Dan
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The tiger’s movements are simultaneously both beautiful and lethal. Watch a tiger on the hunt, and you will see its powerful lethal capabilities. This energy resonates and you can sense it from a distance. The tiger has the ability to destroy its opponent in one swipe.


Keinosuke Enoeda was nicknamed ‘The Tiger’ of Shotokan Karate. Like the tiger, he was unstoppable and his powerful energy had the potential to both destroy an opponent, and inspire the karate world at the same time. You could see this energy in his eyes; it overflowed.


But in 2003, Master Keinosuke Enoeda died; his untimely death sent shock waves around the karate world. How could someone so powerful and strong be taken?


But cancer does not discriminate between the strong and the weak.


The legacy he left however keeps his energy alive. That energy that everyone could see in his eyes has not diminished or gone, it’s been passed forward like a torch onto his students. This 5 Volume DVD series – remastered with new material – is another example of how Keinosuke Enoeda ‘The Tiger’s energy will live on forever.


This DVD series includes:


Volume 1: The Master Text ~Beginner to Black Beltincluding Kihon Waza, Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan, Heian Godan, Tekki Shodan, Bassai Dai, Sanbon Kumite, Kihon Ippon Kumite, Jiyu Ippon Kumite, Jiyu Kumite.


Volume 2: Advanced Shotokan Kataincluding Bassai Dai, Kanku Dai, Jion, Empi, Hangetsu


Volume 3: Advanced Shotokan Kataincluding Bassai Sho, Kanku Sho, Jitte, Nijushiho, Tekki Nidan


Volume 4: Advanced Shotokan Kataincluding Unsu, Gojushiho Sho, Chinte, Sochin


Volume 5: Advanced Shotokan Kataincluding Gankaku, Meikyo, Wankan, Ji’in, Tekki Sandan


As the details above would suggest, this 5 DVD series gives a full and rounded insight into the power of Shotokan karate, brought to us by one of its most recognisable figures. There is a very valid reason for Sensei Enoeda being described as the ‘Tiger’ and here across 5 DVDs you will see exactly why.


The first DVD of the series ‘Beginner to Black Belt’ acts as the perfect intro to the series, where Sensei Enoeda demonstrates, along with Sensei Ohta, the basic techniques, basic kata and kumite. This is perfect not only to those just starting out in the art, but especially those who have trained for a long while and need their basics refreshed and further emphasised.


Volumes 4-5 are primarily concerned with the advanced Shotokan kata and is again demonstrated by both Sensei Enoeda and Ohta. For me however, the kata demonstrated by Sensei Enoeda is of course the highlight that I could not wait to watch. The power of the ‘tiger’ illuminates from the screen and his energy is infectious. Committed to the moment with absolute power and presence he brings the kata alive. You can see the battle taking place before you, it is violent and utterly refreshing. His commitment to the moment is the perfect example of how kata is not simply a collection of movements compiled together. It is a fight taking place within, manifested in a beautiful yet lethal display. I am buzzing from his kata’s honesty, yearning and hoping to someday perform kata in this way.


The Kata are then applied against an opponent, where the demonstrator of the kata gives physical explanation to the movement.


The DVD is set out in an easy to follow format, and it is very simple to make your way around the content. The kata are performed at normal speed and repeated in slow motion.


Books, as textbooks to follow, are wonderful, as the book review page will demonstrate. There’s something a DVD can capture however that a book sometimes cannot. To watch this legend in motion gives me the buzz that I get whenever I am inspired. I watch like a kid watching cartoons, fixed on the screen and completely enthralled…in absolute awe.


Now…the DVD also has some surprises, which I know everyone will be excited about. Rare footage is something karate enthusiasts love, and I like everyone else was so, so excited to watch this rare footage. I was going to give you all the details of this footage, but I thought I wouldn’t spoil it for you. I’ll leave the surprise until it’s on your screen, but I promise you…you will not be disappointed!!!


This DVD series is simply inspirational and cannot be described in any other way. You often hear karateka talking of the ‘Rut’ that we all get in from time to time. There is certain footage out there however that every time I watch it, it gets my karate juices going and helps me pull me out of the depressing rut. This series is most definitely one of those ‘rut avoiding’ tools that I will forever be using!


Sensei Enoeda is simply a legend and this DVD series shows us explicitly why his reputation is so renown.


Energy does not end, it simply changes form. This is what I was always taught in my physics class as a schoolboy. Sensei Enoeda sadly passed away in 2003, but his energy, his power did not go with him. Every time you watch these DVDs and get inspired, that is the manifestation of his energy. When he passed away, his energy did not end, it simply changed form and in this way, his influence, his power and his energy will forever live on in the spirit of karate-do.


To Purchase this DVD please visit Legend Productions www.legendtv.co.uk


Shaun Banfield