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Enoeda - Tiger of Shotokan Karate
R Butler

In a nutshell, this book is fantastic.

Whether you’ve ever been lucky enough to have studied under Enoeda Sensei, or whether you’ve ever simply been in awe of his fantastic abilities, this book is a treasure.

Enoeda – Tiger of Shotokan Karate is a beautiful book and a well-written insight into the life and teachings of Enoeda Sensei. Through reading this book, you are able get a real sense of Enoeda Sensei’s personality, particularly his humour; something that all those who have trained with him often comment upon.

The book is very well designed, easy to read, and manages to bring even the oldest of pictures to life. The photography in the book gives the reader a fascinating insight into Enoeda Sensei’s younger days, and extends to watching the young Enoeda expand and become an even bigger influence in the world of Karate.

A particularly good section of the book details the many combinations Enoeda Sensei once taught. This means that those of us who were unlucky enough to never have experienced being taught by Enoeda Sensei can at least have some insight into his widely popular lessons.

This is book well worth reading, and has a well-deserved place on the bookshelf of any enthusiast of Shotokan Karate.

Sarah Amos

Date: 6/6/06