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Paul Herbert 5th Dan
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Fundamental Karate
Aidan Trimble & Dave Hazard

First published in 1993 Fundamental Karate is an excellent instruction manual for not only beginner and intermediate Karate-Ka but also acts as a great reference point for advanced grades and instructors. The book is a collaboration between Dave Hazard and Aidan Trimble, two men who can only be classed as modern day masters of Shotokan Karate-do.

Dave Hazard is the chief instructor to the Academy of Shotokan Karate and a former KUGB national champion. Dave was a student of Enoeda Sensei for over 30 years and also lived in Japan, training in the infamous JKA instructor class under Master Nakayama and with many of the 'golden era' of Japanese karate-ka. Dave has also coached the England national squad.
Aidan Trimble is chief instructor to the Federation of Shotokan Karate and a former British, European and World Champion, winning the world title in Japan itself. A long time student of Asano Sensei, Aidan is now an award winning instructor who is in demand throughout the world. Aidan was also named in Combat magazines top ten greatest fighters of all-time.

Fundamental Karate consists of eight chapters and also includes a foreword from Richard LaPlante and an introduction from the instructors themselves. The chapters making up this great book include;
· Foreword by Richard LaPlante
· Introduction  by Dave Hazard & Aidan Trimble
1) A Brief History of Karate by Ian McClaren
2) Breathing & Kime - The essence of Karate
3) Koshi - Use of the hips
4) Dachi - Stances
5) Tsuki - Punches
6) Uke - Blocks
7) Keri - Kicks
8) Uchi - Strikes

Chapters 3 - 8 all include sub-sections looking in depth at each of the fundamental techniques relevant to their chapters heading. The book contains over 250 photographs showing all the techniques from both the side and from front views. The basic stances, punches, kicks, blocks and strikes are all
covered with step by step instruction and also important points to avoid.

Republished in 2006 by Ebury Publishing and repackaged, this book is a great addition to any Karate-ka's collection. Fundamental Karate is also a fitting compliment to the duo's three volume DVD collection entitled Applied Karate.

See for yourself why Sensei's Hazard and Trimble are two of the worlds most respected and experienced teachers.

Paul Herbert
Date: 20/09/2006