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Paul Herbert 5th Dan
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George Best: A Profile

George best began his karate career at the age of 11, under the watchful eye of his father and Sensei John Best. George went on the become an integral fighter in the KUGB squad, being taught and coached by Keinosuke Enoeda Sensei and Andy Sherry Sensei. George remains a fantastic competitor today, and works very hard at his craft. In a recent interview conducted by TSW with George Best, he said “for me correct training is the key, we have a saying in Hasha International Karate. It is Mukin Shori. “The way to success has no short cuts”. In short what I’m saying is train wisely, train hard, but remember the way to success is long and hard, it has no short cuts. In order to achieve your goals you must train correctly.”

Even as a youngster he displayed a talent for kumite that led to him facing, and beating many formidable opponents, some of which are highlighted in this DVD. George Best: A Profile is a compilation of some of his best fights and proudest moments. It is a part of the Profiles of Honour series by Legend Productions, a series which features the likes of Elwyn Hall, Frank Brennan and Ronnie Christopher alongside George Best.

There is a wide range of bouts included in the DVD from bouts at the EKB Nationals, the 1986 KUGB Nationals, and bouts from places as far away as Istanbul. In this compilation you will see the sheer will of George Best to fight at the top of his game in every bout. You will see why he has such a reputation for super fast reactions, amazing gyakus and incredible kicks. He really is a force to be reckoned with, and at 32 minutes into the DVD we experience clearly the speed and accuracy of his kicks, with a beautiful ura mawashi geri, followed shortly by a spot on mae geri. The scenes leave you in no wonder as to the fighting talent and will to win that belongs to George Best.

At 52 minutes in, you see his lightning speed gyakus, slowed for the sake of the viewer, with Andy Sherry looking on at the side of the tatami. The technique of George Best displayed in this DVD really is incredible.

In true Legend style, the very best is kept till last, and the final bouts highlighted on the DVD show the 1989 Shoto World Cup bouts between Masao Kagawa and George Best. Speaking of these bouts in the recent TSW interview George said “I faced him twice. The first encounter was in the individual kumite and the second in the team kumite. In the individuals I went out there with the attitude to give it to him. No matter what, go out there and take the fight to him.” Both the team and individual bouts, which took place in Brisbane, Australia, are tense, and I mean edge of your seat tense. The fighting is fast paced, precise, and of a very high calibre. The crowd are going wild in both bouts, and the tension is palpable. I would recommend this DVD, even just for the actual experience of watching the footage of the final two fights. They highlight perfectly the pressure and tension of a real fight.

As usual with Legend Productions the footage has been edited to flow with the pace of the fights, and the sound is excellent quality. This DVD, and in fact the series to which it belongs are fantastic, not only for archiving some of the best bouts in  each fighter’s history, but for allowing those of us that were not lucky enough to be around the first time, the opportunity to see why such fighter’s had such amazing and respected reputations!

Emma Robins

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Paul Herbert 5th Dan


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