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Paul Herbert 5th Dan
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JKA Masters of the 70s by Rising Sun Productions presents here in this DVD a collection of Vintage footage from some of the most prominent Masters of the 70s. This DVD contains footage of a long list of names, from Kanazawa to Yahara, Asai to Shoji, Abe to Enoeda.


The clips, many of which you will recognise from the Best Karate book series by Master Nakayama, despite being very old retain their energy, and present the likes of Senseis Kanazawa, Ueki, Iida, Abe, Yahara, Osaka, Shoji, Kawasoe, Asai, and Enoeda to name a few.


The bulk of the footage contains as I have already said, footage choreographed as a teaching aid of certain kumite techniques and methods. There is however also a very nice touch of competitive footage, which shows some of these great Martial Artists exchanging blows in jiyu kumite.


Some of the highlights of this DVD for me include the footage of Sensei Kanazawa who demonstrates Henka-waza against Sensei Osaka. Sensei Kanazawa shifts his body so brilliantly as attacked by Osaka, shifting to the side blocking, counter attacking with a gyaku-tsuki. The footage, black and white, although a little crackly, has an undeniable vibrancy and energy that leaps from the screen. This inspirational footage is such a pleasure to watch.


Other excellent footage with Kanazawa includes his kumite with Sensei Asai, refereed by Master Nakayama. This magical exchange is both fascinating and exciting, and the very evident skills of these magnificent karateka had me on the edge of my seat and completely in awe.


Asai Sensei of course returns in his own segment, where he demonstrates his own unique method of karate training.  His loose, whippy actions are truly mesmerising, and his jumping techniques completely electrifying. Even watching this footage, it is quite evident that he is quite different from the ‘norm’. 


This DVD is quite literally brimming with superb and inspiring footage. Although the DVD has no direction, it just goes from one clip to another, this DVD is not an educational DVD, so does not require the necessary order or direction.


For pure indulgence, this DVD allows you to just simmer in the excitement of this footage. I am a total karate geek, especially with DVDs of this sort and I get so excited watching these superb karateka demonstrating their skill. For the fellow geeks out there, I’m sure you’ll love this DVD also!!


Shaun Banfield