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Karate Kata Applications 

A. Trimble and V. Morris

Aidan Trimble, student of Asano is excellent, and so are these books. Asano Sensei is renown for his fighting spirit, and clearly this has fully rubbed off on Trimble, whose technique is both brilliant and effective.

Trimble is renown for his fighting abilities, but these books demonstrate that he’s also pretty good at kata too!

His technique is very beautiful on photograph, and you can clearly follow the movements of the Kata through these books. Despite being a collaboration, Vince Morris doesn’t appear quite as much as Trimble.

What makes these books so effective however, is the application part that accompanies each Kata. The applications are very effective, and in certain circumstances, Trimble and Morris will applicate a technique in a variety of different ways. This variation provides the reader both with ideas, and (I know in my case) it gave me enthusiasm to create more imaginative applications.

Although an excellent resource for those who choose to study the kata, the applications are what make the book superb. Most of the applications are very real and natural to the kata, respecting the movements and attitude of the techniques.

My only criticism of these books is the limitation of commentary to accompany the kata. There are very useful blurbs for each Kata, which provide an excellent background into their history, but there’s little information in reference to the technical requirements.

Nevertheless, you cannot deny that these books are useful, and once you’ve read these books, you’ll clearly understand why Aidan Trimble is renown as one of the Best Karateka that Britain has produced.

Mark Thompson

Date: 8/4/2006