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Keinosuke Enoeda Profile

Enoeda Sensei gained a reputation as having the strongest punch in Japan, quite a reputation. Because of his tremendous fighting spirit, awe inspiring skill and dominating ability, he gained the nickname ‘Tora’ or the Tiger.

Like so many of his peers and seniors, Enoeda Sensei started his path in the Martial Arts at the early age of seven through judo achieving the grade of nidan by the agoe of seventeen. Thankfully for the karate world, Enoeda Sensei then happened to watch a demonstration by Master Okazaki, and he was won over and was highly impressed by karate and so he joined the Takushoku University – renown throughout Japan for its karate club – and he studied the degree in commerce, which he achieved in 1957.

Like many famous competitors before and after him, he was made captain of the karate team, and was enthusiastically enouraged to think about entering the famous JKA instructor’s programme, which he proceeded to complete over the next three years under the tuition of M. Nakayama and H. Nishiyama.

He was a natrual winner on the tatami and had taken a clear interest in competition, gaining a reputation for his leg sweeps, gyaku-tsuki, and aything else he decided to through coupled with a terrifying fighting spirit. He came third in the kumite division of the J.K.A. All-Japan Championships. The following year improving placing second - losing to Hiroshi Shirai. In 1963, Enoeda returned determined to win and left after defeating Shirai in the kumite as the All-Japan Champion.

Enoeda's reputation and destructive skill led to him being selected to join Master Nakayama to instruct in Indonesia, teaching the president’s bodyguards, police and military. Soon, Enoeda was sent out to travel the world instructing visiting South Africa and Hawaii, but settling in Great Britain as the Chief Instructor of the KUGB - Karate Union of Great Britain in 1965.

Britain didn’t know what hit them, quite literally, or possibly swept them and with a flat in Percy Street, in Liverpool City Centre and a bright orange Volkswagen Beetle, he instructed full time at the Liverpool Red Triangle Dojo, which created World Class karate like Andy Sherry and Terry O'Neill just to name a few.

Due to Enoeda Sensei’s brilliant example and tuition, the KUGB produced several fantastic fighters including Andy Sherry, Frank Brennen and Bob Poynton, and Enoeda led these men and the team to many successes nationally and internationally, making the KUGB one of the most successful groups under the JKA.

Apart from the KUGB, Enoeda was sel;ected to teach several stars including Sean Connery for his role in the Bond films along with many other famous actors. He also produced many fantastic karate textbooks, and video’s which will forever illustrate the ‘Enoeda’ way.

Master Enoeda 9th Dan, sadly passed in March 2003, but the students he created, the likes of Dave Hazard, Andy Sherry, and Terry O’Neill are a credit to the brilliance of his teaching. 'He loved Karate, he loved his students and he loved the KUGB'. He was devoted to the art and committed his life to promoting and teaching it to the highest standards.

He was an inspiration to all in the world of Shotokan karate, as .M. Nakayama once wrote ‘Keinosuke Enoeda has a reputation for achievements that stir the imagination’, and through his students, and achievements he will forever continue to pass on the way of karate.