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Paul Herbert 5th Dan
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Kumite Sparring Tips‘Craig Raye’s Kumite Sparring Tips’ by Karate Videos is a beautifully presented and very informative production, with very high production values and exciting content. From the outer package alone, this DVD looks high quality, and when you sit to watch it, the design does the DVD justice.


In a very easy to follow manner, this DVD manages to provide, almost private tutorials on each specific topic that the DVD covers, giving the audience a great insight into the skills of Craig Raye.


Craig Raye, student of Sensei Enoeda, provides a series of short tutorials, some looking at fighting tips, others at drills for training. All detail ways to heighten your fighting skills and capitalize on the skills you already have.


For example, at one point, Raye illustrates an effective way to make a simple mawashi-geri work that little bit better, simply by aligning the feet a little differently, making the kick sharper and more effective. The DVD doesn’t overcook the technical details of kihon, but simply provides ways to make your techniques work better.


Navigation through the DVD is also very good, for if you want to re-cap on a specific point, you don’t have to run through an entire DVD the way you might with many other productions. This DVD does not run as a whole, but rather as little sections, where you also get a choice of many great angles and viewings.


The DVD is broken down into:Kumite Sparring Tips


Basic Kumite (Kihon)


Semi-free Kumite (Jiyu-Ippon)


Punching and blocking drills


Kicking and blocking drills


Combination drills


Championship fights


These sections are then broken down further into many other subcategories. The brilliant thing about this DVD however is the fact that you can view the footage through a quad split, and edited version and slow motion; making viewing all the more simple and detailed; allowing you to fully analyse the points that Raye is Kumite Sparring Tipsteaching.


Within, there’s fantastic footage of Raye talking about ushiro-geri, and the best way to make the kick work. He provides a number of tips on how to get the advantage with this kick and how to ensure the kick travels the correct path to the target. (I’m not telling you what he said; you’ll have to buy the DVD for that) This is then backed with the footage of Raye fighting in competition under the ‘Championship fights’ section, where you see the devastating results of getting this kick to work properly, making you understand that the tips and skills he discusses really do work, which inspires much enthusiasm in the audience.


As I watched this competition footage, I was very impressed with Raye’s fighting skill, especially his spirit and determination. This is inspiring and makes for excellent viewing. One skill he honed perfectly was his great use of the leg sweep. When he decides to use them, his opponents are at his mercy as they fall, and the footage got me thinking about the famous clips of Enoeda Sensei in the Kumite Sparring TipsBest Series, showing his destructive leg sweeps. I think it is fair to say that Enoeda Sensei’s spirit and skill certainly had an impact on the skills of Raye, who himself employs a fantastic fighting skill, but also a spirit that is very powerful and inspirational.


Very exciting stuff!


Shaun Banfield 


To buy 'Craig Raye's Kumite Sparring Tips visit www.karate-videos.com