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 Masao Kawasoe Profile

Masao Kawasoe, who has been a resident of Great Britain for the past two decades, is quite a brilliant Karateka, and in much demand to teach throughout the world.

            If you ask anyone who has ever trained with Kawasoe, either in his own dojo, or on courses have commented that he is ‘possibly the best karate technician in the world’. He is both dynamic, and knowledgeable, with an impressive ability to communicate.

            Born in 1945, son of a Japanese businessman and a brother of two, Kawasoe started the martial arts like many others in Judo. But at the age of fifteen, Kawasoe saw a karate demonstration, and immediately tried to find a karate dojo.

            Kawasoe’s first instructor was the famous Sensei Tsuyama, and he trained through high school, deciding to enter the infamous Takushoku University,

            It was during his stay at the university that he got the attention of Sensei Nakayama, the Chief Instructor of the JKA, and soon, Kawasoe was invited to join the infamous full time Instructors course, which he completed within three years.

            When he completed the course, Masao Kawasoe was sent to Taiwan and Madagascar, but finally settled in Great Britain in 1974.

            Kawasoe is famously captured in Masatoshi Nakayama’s Best Karate book volume 4, where he said “Kawasoe is especially noted for his kicks, which are strong, good, effective and have a sharp snap” and "Through his mastery of karate basics he has come to reach a level few achieve, his technique inspires all who see it to strive for the ideals of Shotokan Karate."

            Sensei Kawasoe has also provided the world with ‘Beginner to Black belt’, four volume DVD set. This is a wonderful set, demonstrated by Kawaose himself and contains all of the important information needed for a beginner to Karate. Many consider this set as a vital record of brilliant karate.

            Kawasoe is one of the very best karateka to have emerged from the JKA, and remains an important figure in the world of karate, still pioneering his concepts and attempting to promote Shotokan Karate.