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Mikio Yahara Profile 

Mikio Yahara is one of the greats to have come out of the Hornets nest, or the JKA Instructor Programme. His reputation is built upon excellent skill, fierce fighting spirit and a Budo attitude that few possess. He is both awe inspiring and quite frightening, and those who train with him either seem to comment on how skilled and brilliant he is, or how terrifyingly brutal he can be.

Whichever side of the fence you sit, one thing you cannot deny is that Yahara is truly a pioneer of Shotokan Karate, but also a stanch believer and loyal continuer of the Budo philosophy.

In a world where karate is increasingly becoming sportified, Sensei Yahara holds a place that is vital to the heritage of Karate, and he is of a rare breed of karateka who are determined to keep the Budo spirit very much a part of the karate training.

Mikio Yahara, born in 1947, in Ehime prefecture, graduated from Kokushinkan University where he went on to enrol on the infamous JKA instructor’s course.

Yahara has also been famed for his fantastic competition success, in both kata and kumite, being recognised by M.Nakayama in his best Karate series as a fantastic fighter, where it was said ‘Mikio Yahara is a karateka whose daredevil style of fighting in the midst of a heated contest leaves spectators breathless’.

He has also been famed for his brilliant performance of ‘Unsu’, which is athletic, powerful and brimming with energy.

In 2000, Yahara established his organisation, Karatenomichi World Federation, which has successfully extended to have schools throughout the world. The organisation is built upon the concept of ‘one hit one kill’, and desire to perfect the karate techniques in order to deliver the killing blow.

Whatever your opinions of Yahara, you cannot deny his significance in the world of Karate, and that his teachings will remain critical forever.