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Shotokan Pocket Book

Ken Lyons

The Shotokan Pocket Book has arrived and it’s about time too. This book or one of its kind and has been a long time coming - all the terms, phrases, descriptions and explanations you ever needed to know about Shotokan Karate crammed into one book. The Shotokan Pocket Book is more than a dictionary, it is a treasure trove of information, pearls of wisdom and sparkling gems. This book will appeal to the beginner as well as the serious student or instructor. Basic information appears in bold type to help the beginner to find elementary data quickly and there is plenty of interesting and more advanced stuff for the experienced practitioners.

The book is divided into 22 sections containing offensive and defensive techniques, competition terms, commands & phrases, vital points, kata names and origins, advice on reading and speaking Japanese and much, much more. Mick Dewey (Chief Instructor of the Shotokan of England Karate Union) has given the book the thumbs up and has recommended it as reading material for SEKU karateka. In a Nut Shell, the Shotokan Pocket Book is a “handy bible” for the novice and a “must have” for the serious practitioner but don’t take my word for it, check out a copy for yourself.

The book is available on the internet from all the main book retailers and also via the direct link to Trafford Publishing: http://www.trafford.com/06-1096

David F Lloyd

Date: 10.3.07