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Terry O'Neill Profile 

Terry O’ Neill is a part of a generation of Karateka that have been so significant in popularising Shotokan Karate not simply in Britain, but throughout the world. It was during the golden era that many legends like O’ Neill trained to learn more about this mystical Japanese art, with the Eastern culture being advertised by such movie stars and martial artists in their own right such as Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.

            Terry O’ Neill was born 27th February 1948. Like many of his peers, he began with judo, but soon joined the Liverpool karate club, lying about his age to get in.

            During his early stages of training, he studied under Andy Sherry, but also trained many times with people like Kanazawa, Murakami, and Veron Bell.

            His first experience of competition occurred in 1967 at the KUGB National Championships, where he lost. He returned in 1972, and held the individual kumite position until 1978. He was three times KUGB Grand Champion, and a part of the Red Triangle team who won the title 13 times.

            He was a brilliantly dynamic fighter, recognised internationally for his kicking abilities, beating the famous Steve Cattle in the 1977 KUGB finals with a kakato-geri.

              His success was very inspiring, but sadly, in 1982, he had to retire from competition due to a serious injury to his knee in an International match against Italy. This was very saddening, since he was one of the greatest British fighters, although the legacy he left behind remains very impressive.

            In 1972, he established Fighting Arts Magazine, which is a highly respected, and truly influential magazine that helps promote the martial arts, not just karate. This is truly inspiring, and his efforts to promote the martial arts have been great and impressive.

            He is a movie Star, and has acted along side Arnold Swarzenegger, and has been the martial arts consultant on many martial arts movies.

            He to this day remains an instructor and supporter of the KUGB, and continues his efforts to promote Shotokan Karate. He is an international referee and grading examiner and instructs on seminars in Britain, and throughout Europe.