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The Applied Karate Series

Dave Hazard & Aidan Trimble


This year, the ‘Applied Karate’ series (Volume 1-3) by Dave Hazard and Aidan Trimble has been re-mastered and re-edited. It is now presented to us cleaner, smoother, smarter and more easily navigated, so we can have the opportunity to learn from these two modern day masters.


Dave Hazard and Aidan Trimble do not need a formal introduction. Their karate is of a standard of its own. They were both successful competitors and are now highly sought-after teachers around the world...and inside this three volume series – where they teach the fundamental techniques then apply them for combat and competition – you will see why.


Dave Hazard and Aidan Trimble are renowned for their dynamic and charismatic teaching styles, so it would seem perfectly natural and fitting that this DVD series showcases their unique approach to karate. The format of the DVD, beautifully designed with use of slow motion and action replay, allows the audience an opportunity to pay attention to detail. The imagery is ideally coupled with a highly informative and useful commentary, which clearly highlights the important details that the two wanted to get across.


Inside the series you will find:




                Volume 1


Volume 2


Volume 3


Oi-Zuki Zenkutsu Dachi

(Lunge punch front stance)



(Back fist Strike)






(Spirit Shout)


Kime and Kiai

(Breathing the essence of karate)



(Three Step Sparring)



(Reverse Punch)



(Elbow Strike)



(Five Step Sparring)



(Jab Punch)



(Straddle Stance)


Kime and Kiai

(Breathing the essence of karate)



(Rising block)






(Basic One Step Sparring)



(Outside Block)



(Knife Hand Strike)



(Free One Step Sparring)



(Downward Sweeping Block)



(Ridge Hand Strike)



(Returning One step Free Sparring)



(Front Kick)



(Four Finger Thrust)




(Side Thrust Kick)



(Inside Block)



Mawashi Geri

(Roundhouse Kick)



(Knife Hand Block)





(Sweeping Block)





(Side Snap Kick)





(Back Kick)





(Reverse Roundhouse Kick)





(Spinning Back Roundhouse Kick)



Along with the teaching material, there is also a superb interview with the two instructors, which in itself is a great insight into the karate of these excellent instructors. When asked whether he could ever imagine stopping training, Aidan Trimble answers ‘In reality, I’d never stop training, it defines you really, it’s what you do. It’s like saying do you stop breathing?’ In spite of Trimble’s successes both in the competitive and teaching arena, he remains humble, which is mirrored in his answers. When asked if karate is his way of life, Dave Hazard replies ‘No, it’s the vehicle he uses to live’, where he goes on to say that he uses karate ‘as a template, its code and attitude, for me to live’. Fascinating food for thought from two living legends, with the central emphasis with both instructors being the development of their students, which in itself is truly inspirational.


The other wonderful element of the DVD is the competition footage of Aidan Trimble. Aidan Trimble is a former British, European and World Champion, and this footage provides a glimpse into the tornado of talent that monopolised the competition circuit. Provided within comes a commentary, from what I would imagine is an old news clip, stating ‘Aidan Trimble has already done the unthinkable, beating the Japanese at their own game’, and this plays over a collection of clips that shows Aidan Trimble delivering his unstoppable yoko-kekomi, and lightening speed attacks that took him all the way to the top.     


Navigation around this DVD is very simple and it is very easy to get around to locate what you want to watch. The quality of the footage is excellent, and the production qualities are also superb. The remastering of these DVDs has without doubt elevated the viewing pleasure of the series.


When it comes to the actual footage of these excellent instructors...they truly are unsurpassed. Their meticulous attention to detail and ferocious spirit, a product of a long and dedicated study to the Martial Arts, presents themselves fantastically on screen. For me, the obvious sign that I have watched an inspiring DVD, comes in the fact that I want to get up and train and this DVD will undoubtedly do that. This series is an educational and inspirational watch, that will have you running to the dojo with some great ideas to chew on, and when you need that little bit of fire when you get into that training rut that is all too common for us all, this may turn out to be the solution as it has been for me.

To purchase these fantastic DVDs, please visit Legend Productions at www.legendtv.co.uk




Shaun Banfield 08