Kawasoe Returns to the JKA

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Re: Kawasoe Returns to the JKA

Postby Allan Shepherd » Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:08 pm

Hello Jim

On your last note did you manage to do any further research about the implications of JKA/ITKF and WKF.

Best Regards
Allan Shepherd
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Re: Kawasoe Returns to the JKA

Postby shotokan101 » Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:27 pm

Allan Shepherd wrote:Hello Jim

On your last note did you manage to do any further research about the implications of JKA/ITKF and WKF.

Best Regards

Hi Allan - unfortunately no - finding unbiased info. on such politically sensitive subjects seems pretty hard... still hoping though :)

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Jim Maxwell
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Re: Kawasoe Returns to the JKA

Postby h_r_a_injapan » Wed Jun 13, 2012 7:59 am

Enjoyed reading this thread and while it went off topic at the end thought I'd add my two pence worth as there seems to be a bit of confusion.

The sticky part is that the JKA is under the WKF.

I don't think that it is accurate to say that the JKA is under to the WKF. Actually no individual associations are allowed to directly affiliate with the WKF, only national federations. (and It should be only one national federation per country)

http://www.wkf.net/index.php?option=com ... &Itemid=99

The JKA is affiliated to the JKF which is the only officially recognized and sanctioned representative body for karate in Japan. The JKF is in turn affiliation to the AKF (Asian Karate Fed.) and WKF. (It is correct that the JKA played a critical role in the set up of the JKF but that is another topic.)

For info on the JKF and what it does:


and here for the structure of affiliated organizations:

(there used to be a better link but it doesn't work)

JKA members can compete at WKF tournaments only IF they are chosen as a member of the national team by the JKF, because of their JKF affiliation not JKA affiliation (same applies for members of the SKIF, JKS, or other shotokan organization). Pretty much every competing trad. karate athlete in Japan has to register with the JKF or they can't compete (includes all elementary school, Junior high school, Senior high school and university students, the bulk of competitors).

JKF affiliates' tournaments (including those of the JKA) have to be approved by the JKF, before they can be carried out though the competitors for association tournaments do not necessarily need JKF affiliation though many do have it if they compete in other tournaments. It also makes insurance a hell of a lot easier.

Basically, if a tradition karate club or association (meaning the big four styles) is not affiliated with the JKF then it is not officially recognized, nor are any grades outside of the JKF (JKA members are lucky in that their JKA rank up to third dan can be directly converted to a JKF rank without re-examination but that does not apply to a WKF rank).

Though I went a bit off topic as well, I hope this clarifies the situation that the JKA is not under the WKF, at least not directly and only by proxy.

Hamid Abassalty
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Re: Kawasoe Returns to the JKA

Postby Makoto » Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:17 pm

You are totally correct in your statements Hamid. JKA is under JKF, JKF is under the WKF. Many people think of the JKA only and do not care beyond that. I would guess that is what Sensei Kawasoe is thinking. But no one can deny that ITKF and WKF are not friends at this moment. That is the sticky situation.
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Re: Kawasoe Returns to the JKA

Postby StPeter » Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:03 pm

thanks for this awesome news!! It's a big honour for me to be a member of your team!
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