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 Yoshiharu Osaka Profile

For those who have trained with Osaka Sensei, they will undoubtedly comment on the skill and brilliance of his karate. Today, Yoshiharu Osaka is one of the most Senior Instructors of the JKA, and remains an important cog in the JKA machine. He is a very technical instructor, and one of the more popular instructors at the JKA Honbu.

Osaka is famed for his brilliant technique, being described as being 'Technically perfect', was a regular in the Nakayama books - Best Karate Series. His technique is minimal, exact, and he is very knowledgeable. Of all of the JKA instructors, Osaka was one of the most captured karateka in the Best Karate Series, demonstrating many kata including the Heian, Tekki and Gojushiho Dai. Of Osaka, M. Nakayama, chief instructor of the JKA wrote ‘Osaka is especially noted for his hand strikes, which are fast, far reaching and heavy’.

Yoshiharu Osaka was born on the 8th September 1947 in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, and entered into the infamous Takushoku University and eventually graduated from the JKA Instructors course. With peers such as Abe, Ueki, Tanaka and Yahara, his development in karate was expected and impressive and he currently holds a 7th Dan.

Beyond his very obvious technical skill, Osaka Sensei has had many major titles to his name such as 26th JKA All Japan Karate Championship 1st place in 1983, and 1st at the IAKF World Karate Championship in 1975 he was a major competitor which was an important stepping stone onto his road towards being a world class and highly respected instructor.

Despite the JKA experiencing major phases of upheaval with several splits, certain instructors have stuck with the JKA and Osaka is one, who still teaches to this day. He is a very talented instructor, and all who have trained with him have commented that he is a very easy and open person to get along with. It is common and well known that many people travel to the land of the rising sun just to get a taste of Osaka Sensei's skill and it is undoubted that his influence will live on long into the future.